Our mission is to help Canadians navigate the end-of-life experience with confidence and dignity. We promote research and provide information, education, and support to help individuals and their families and loved ones to plan for a gentle and dignified death, and to navigate the health care system with confidence that their rights and preferences will be respected to the very end.  

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Our Programs

We offer a broad program of information, education, and support about health care rights and options at the end of life. We:

  1. Encourage Canadians to think about their wishes for end-of-life care, to understand their options for achieving those wishes, and to make their preferences known to their families and caregivers in the event they should become unable to speak for themselves in the future.
  1. Educate Canadians about legal rights and options at the end of life, to promote informed decision-making and improve the quality of their interactions with the health care system.
  1. Offer personal, confidential support to individuals, and/or their families, who wish to discuss end-of-life rights, options and preferences in a safe and compassionate place.
  1. Provide resource materials and conduct seminars, discussion groups, and workshops to offer practical advice on how to plan for a gentle and dignified death.
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