Death is probably one of the most scary things we can imagine. It makes many people depressed and sad as they don't want to leave this beautiful world, as they are attached to it. Life is an incredible adventure, filled with beauty and a lot of amazing things, however, it is fleeting. At a certain point in time we all have to leave this world. But how do you prepare for the end of life? Death can come quickly without warning and at any age. As we don't know when we will die, we should be prepared for any eventuality.

Things that help us get ready for our last journey

1) First, make sure you've done all the things/met all the people you need to (e.g., saying goodbye, visiting places one last time). These are major life events that can't be undone and will definitely shape how your life is remembered.

2) Make sure you have your living will or advance medical directive. These are legal documents that state your wishes for end-of-life medical care and explicitly outline what you do and don't want to happen to you if a doctor declares you or others believe that there is no hope for recovery from an injury, illness, etc. If you have a living will it may make sense to keep your estate planning documents with it. If you don't have a living will, the next most important thing to do is to make sure your family knows all of your wishes about end-of-life care and is comfortable discussing them.

3) Talk to your family members about what will happen if they outlive you. If there are things that need to be handled, make sure your family knows how you want everything done.

4) Have your financial house in order so your family won't have major issues after you die. A lot of this comes down to having up-to-date estate planning documents (e.g., will, living trust, power of attorney).

5) If it makes sense to do so, update your estate planning documents. This could be most important if you have minor children or there are other reasons why your family members need to know what to do if you die suddenly. For example, this might be the case if you have an estate that has to be probated or a trust that needs court supervision for its assets, or there are other reasons why your death could lead to a legal hassle.

6) If you have pets, talk to someone about who they would go to if you died. Or, if you have a will with your pets as named beneficiaries, it may be a good idea to give that information to anyone who would take care of them after you are gone.

 7) Make sure you have an up-to-date list of all the accounts you own (e.g., bank accounts, brokerage accounts, credit cards, etc.). This should include not just the account number and login credentials, but also contact information for each institution to contact if there are any questions or problems.

8) If you have an online presence (e.g., blog), lock it down or take it offline. You can do things like delete your social media profiles, close online accounts, etc. Please note that this advice does not apply to offline property - your family should have any information or objects you own, including physical media (e.g., books, CDs), unless there is a clear reason why they shouldn't (e.g., if it has personal data on it).

9) The last thing - make sure you understand the financial situation, living arrangements, and medical treatment wishes of your parents, grandparents, siblings, significant other(s), etc. If they pass away soon afterward (e.g., because of aging), it may be necessary to deal with their affairs as well.

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